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Chicken and Leek Pie


2 Chicken breasts chopped into cubes

2 Leeks (chopped)

2 carrots (chopped)

2 cloves garlic

1 medium brown onion

1 tsp Hinds Pure White Pepper

2 tsp Hinds Portuguese Chicken Spice

2 tbsp oil

Puff Pastry

½ Cup double cream


Fry Chicken Breast to golden brown

Fry garlic and onion

Add salt, Hinds Pure White Pepper, Hinds Portuguese Chicken Spice

Add carrots, leeks and cook for another 5 mins

Add cream to pan and mix well

Add to casserole dish and cover with rolled out puff pastry

Bake in the oven until puff pastry is golden brown

Serve nice and hot on a wintery evening!!

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