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Pan-fried Beef Liver


200 gms sliced beef Liver

1 tbsp Hinds Barbeque Spice

1 tsp Hinds Paprika

1 tsp sugar

¼ tsp Salt

¼ tsp Hinds Pure Black Pepper

1 tbsp oil

½ onion

½ cup cherry tomatoes

Sprigs of Thyme to garnish


Add Spices, sugar, salt and pepper to bowl and mix to create a dry rub

Add liver to bowl and coat well in dry rub and leave for 10mins

Heat oil in pan to medium heat

Fry liver for 5 mins on each side

Add onion and cherry tomatoes and fry for 6 more minutes until tomatoes slightly blister

Serve with some crusty bread and chutney. Enjoy!!

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